Edge Leadership
Edge Leadership

Edge is seeking 500 leaders for a network experiment.

This space for radical rethinking is led by leaders of color. We begin Dec 1, 2020. Register now.

Welcome to Edge Leadership

Edge Leadership convenes people to cross boundaries and create new social order.

This network is led by and designed for leaders of color to address challenges we see. We come from social movements, philanthropy, nonprofits, politics, and culture—to a space where we explicitly focus on shared potential so that we can enable activities that lead to niche experiments that change practice.

Inside this network, we are having the real conversations about the challenges we face. We are gathering funds to meet the needs of our leadership—to write the book, try the intervention, design spaces that get us out of "what's wrong" and into "what's next."

Joining the Network Gives You Access to Experience and Create Together

  • Roundtables on Key Topics

  • Forums on Issues of the Day

  • Classes

  • A Show Featuring Thinkers, Doers, Makers

  • Practitioner Forums

Design Approach

At Edge, there are two core design approaches: creation of new forms and redirection of existing forms. The creation of new forms is the work of creatives. These people will create the new political imaginaries and forms, and remake the givens. In essence, they are creating a new culture. They are designing at the edge, between the present and a livable future.

This design beyond limits is challenging and even dangerous work that shifts not just what is made, but the maker. Very few people will take it on. However, it only takes a critical mass of sufficient energy to make a difference. 

Most leaders will work on the redirection of existing forms. They will use the forms created by the leaders at the edge. However, these leaders at the Edge need to be brought together, supported, resourced, and highlighted.

Initial Results from Convening Edge Leaders

Edge leaders are creatives, who want to move infrastructure beyond tinkering with what is towards envisioning what we want to be together as humans. Four themes Edge Leaders discuss are: accountability, vision, knowledge creation & evaluation, and space to replenish.